Natural Networks.

Using design and AI to give water a voice.


Concept / User Experience / Innovation
My Role: Research / Concept / Visual Design
Photography: Owen Richards


Concept / User Experience / Innovation
My Role: Project Lead

Natural Networks examines how we build emotive connections with physical spaces. By interpreting data gathered from locations around the rivers and waterways, the project explores how we can form stronger bonds with natural environments through connected sensors, artificial intelligence and poetry. 

The project was a collaboration with Six:Thirty and Matteo Loglio and developed with the support of the Canal and River Trust.



1. A floating buoy collects temperature and light data from locations on the water. The buoy then sends the information over the internet through a 4G connection. 

2. The data is received by a recurrent neural network on a remote computer. The network has been trained to generate poems, learning from a large set of 20th century poetry. 

3. Based on the sensors values, the AI is given trigger words matching location and environmental data and generates text to reflect the mood of the canal. The poems encourage consideration of, and engagement with, the physical locations that created them.


Featured in:


"One of the most thought-provoking pieces of London Design Festival". 

L:SN Global

"One of the most thought-provoking pieces of London Design Festival 2017". 

L:SN Global


Working with a cross disciplinary approach is central to my process. Projects like Natural Networks allow us to explore creative applications of emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence.